CoETaIL Course 3 Project and Reflection

For the final project of CoETaIL Course 3, I had the amazing opportunity to work with three outstanding teachers during the EARCOAS weekend workshop featuring Andrew Churches and our very own, Kim Cofino.  Diana was in my collaborative group representing Shekou International School in China, as were Sean and Alex, both in Japan, representing Makuhari International School and Yokohama International School respectively.  Over the course of two days, we collaborated on a multimedia project which integrates media literacy skills and social studies content and focuses on this essential question:

How can we use language and digital media to persuade an audience?

The project was developed to follow a persuasive writing unit in Writer’s Workshop.  In our UbD plan, we have included the ISTE NETS Standards as well as elements of effective visual media.  The teacher-created exemplar is a Google Presentation entitled, You Wouldn’t Want toBe a Samurai.  During the implementation of the project, students will work in collaborative teams to decide on a position and then plan accordingly to create a multi-media presentation that convinces their audience of the position they have chosen.  The form the end product takes will be the students’ choice provided it enables them to meet the expectations set forth in the rubric.

It’s hard to believe that this cohort has now finished the 3rd course in the 5-course program.  Reflecting back over the first three courses, now that we’re over the halfway mark, I’m amazed at all that I’ve learned.  While the challenges remain for me, I’m becoming more and more confident and I’m quite pleased with all of the new technical skills that I’ve acquired, especially with MacBook Pro, as well as all of the new educational applications that I’ve walked away with and have begun to implement with my students.  I was a beginner for sure at the start of Course 1.  I’d rate myself as “early intermediate” at this point. Thanks to Kim and Frank for their outstanding facilitation and for continuing to help build my confidence as well as my knowledge and skill level.  Perhaps you can teach an “old dog new tricks.”

The middle school facilitator of technology sent out a survey today regarding the use of web-based tech tools in the classroom.  I was very pleased to say that out of the 15 applications listed, I have used 12 with my students this year and was able to include a few more that were not on the list.  That’s exciting and is evidence of a significant shift for me.   My team has been very supportive from the start and the conversations that have been generated as a result of my CoETaIL involvement continue with my colleagues.  We have recently added important curriculum regarding visual literacy to our 6th grade program and are continually experimenting with and finding new tools and approaches to facilitate our units.

I welcome the challenges of the next course and look forward to the continued learning and collaboration of the cohort.  Have a great spring break everyone!


About Jamie

I am currently a middle school Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at The American School in Japan.
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  1. This is such a fun project idea! I love the idea of taking something usually viewed as fun and exciting and completely turning it around. I think middle school students would really have fun with this too. I wonder if you can take all the societal roles from this time period and turn them around? Looking forward to seeing some student examples too!

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