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Design Thinking: Concept Learning Wall

Design thinking is a problem-solving protocol that many businesses have been using to create products and find viable solutions.  Currently, there is a movement among educators to apply this design protocol to education, and even extend it beyond STEM courses … Continue reading

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CoETaIL Course 5 Final Project and Reflection

Students have finished their Maasai Culture iMovies, we have received feedback via email from our Maasai representative, and we are currently awaiting feedback from Jakarta International School; the sixth grade class that is collaborating with us.  It’s been a great … Continue reading

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The Future of Learning

Since the beginning of this school year, many thought-provoking, and sometimes gut wrenching, ideas have challenged me to really think about the present model of education.  In recent weeks, I have blogged about Tony Wagner and his ideas regarding play, … Continue reading

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6th Grade Maasai Culture Project: We’re Almost There!

Two weeks into the project, 6th graders have been working hard in research teams to gather information regarding their specific topic for our Maasai Culture project and have almost completed their presentations.  Things have been running smoothly for the most … Continue reading

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Thinking About “The Finland Phenomenon”

Forbes magazine recently reviewed a documentary film by producer Bob Compton that chronicles Tony Wagner’s exploration into the Finnish school system.  Finland is ranked among the highest achieving countries based on PISA data.  The United States is ranked below the … Continue reading

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6th Grade Maasai Culture Project: The Beginning

For my CoETaIL final project, rather than creating a new unit, my team wanted to incorporate technology to enhance an existing unit and accomplish established learning outcomes.  It is our goal to improve the learning process for our students.  The … Continue reading

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Innovation in Education: How Can We Close the Gap?

My headmaster gave a homework assignment over the summer.  He requested that our entire faculty read Tony Wagner’s,  The Global Achievement Gap, and his newest book, Creating Innovators.  These books examine some of the issues surrounding the lagging achievement of U.S. students … Continue reading

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