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A Contemporary Global Issues Simulation

This unit simulates a global community and the issues that can arise within.  It is based on contemporary world issues and models closely what actually happens in the world today, culminating in a “global council” meeting which is modeled after … Continue reading

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CoETaIL Course 5 Final Project and Reflection

Students have finished their Maasai Culture iMovies, we have received feedback via email from our Maasai representative, and we are currently awaiting feedback from Jakarta International School; the sixth grade class that is collaborating with us.  It’s been a great … Continue reading

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6th Grade Maasai Culture Project: We’re Almost There!

Two weeks into the project, 6th graders have been working hard in research teams to gather information regarding their specific topic for our Maasai Culture project and have almost completed their presentations.  Things have been running smoothly for the most … Continue reading

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Thinking About “The Finland Phenomenon”

Forbes magazine recently reviewed a documentary film by producer Bob Compton that chronicles Tony Wagner’s exploration into the Finnish school system.  Finland is ranked among the highest achieving countries based on PISA data.  The United States is ranked below the … Continue reading

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CoETaIL Course 4 Project and Reflection

As CoETaIL Course 4 concludes, it feels good to have completed four of the five-course requirement for the certification.  Maintaining the momentum of  the first three courses, Course 4 availed new ideas and approaches to learning which were immediately applicable in the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Reverse Instruction and Game-Based Learning

According to K. Walsh, in Is Reverse Instruction Education Technology’s Perfect Storm?, “reverse instruction is the idea of having students consume learning content (i.e. ‘the lecture’) outside of the classroom, usually as homework, thereby freeing up valuable face-to-face classroom time … Continue reading

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Curriculum and Assessment in Project and Challenge-Based Learning

The Buck Institute of Education defines project-based learning as: a standards-focused systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks. Projects-based learning  is similar … Continue reading

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